Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Orlando Coin Dealers

Orlando Coin Exchange is located on South Orange Ave. just south of downtown Orlando. With nearly four decades of experience in trading Rare Coins, Currency, and Precious Metals, we are the authority and you'll get top dollar for your Gold, Silver, Precious Metals, Jewelry, Rare Coins, and Currency. Precious Metals are a vital safety net for many Americans when hard times hit. If you're looking to sell your Gold, Silver, or Jewelry then come in and see Jason & Jerry. Looking to buy? We have a huge selection of Rare Coins and Paper Currency as well as Gold, Silver, and other Precious Metals. We are family friendly, owned and operated. Bring the kids with you, they can look through the kid's coin bin to start their own coin collection! ORLANDO COIN EXCHANGE, 6301 SOUTH ORANGE AVENUE, SOUTH OF DOWNTOWN ORLANDO.


  1. how much is a abraham lincoln presidental dollar non-gold coin worth

  2. Initially, the novice collector needs to understand the subtle but important difference between the terms price and value.

    1. Price is what the coin lists for in a retail market. It should be in the 60's for value rates, and once you present your coin a value will be negotiated and this price could be well below the price you paid or more than it depending on the condition and sales skills. I'm not positive of every aspect of this so read a few. Thanks

  3. You buy your coins with love and they are hardly ever worth what you pay..If your into coins for the money find another hobby. (unless you inherit them from your grandfather)

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  5. Do you know the value of a UNC 1917 M silver Quarter