Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 FUN Show Recap

The 2014 FUN Show was again a resounding success, albeit a little different from years past. Usually the first batch of silver eagles is released at the show, but the mint's release date came after the show. I can't tell you how many times we were asked about 2014 silver eagles (we will have them by 1/25). Most collectors were seeking out numismatic items instead of bullion, which was very surprising given the cheap prices of gold and silver. Rare numismatic items were in high demand as could be seen by record auction prices. We noticed an increased demand for high end Indian cents and key date Morgan dollars. Toned peace and Morgan dollars were sought out, but only exceptional pieces. Demand for proof-like and dmpl dollars remains very strong. If you want exceptional pl and dmpl dollars leave your grey-sheet at home because these coins bring well over sheet. Large size currency was also in high demand. Be prepared to pay well over green-sheet for educationals, chiefs, tombstone notes etc... A major change to the show was the allowing of dealers to leave on Saturday. Almost every Midwest and western coin dealer was gone on Sunday, which left the bourse area quite empty. However there was still plenty of business to be done. If the FUN show is any indication of the year to come, it will be a great year for numismatics.